Press Release......ABM Collaboration

COLLABORATION . TEXTILE DESIGNERS . ABM . MARY ANN CHATTERTON . BEATRICE MAYFIELD . ALISON WILLOUGHBY . ABM . LABEL . its a NEW COLLECTION . its 3 BLANKETS . its a RESPONSE waiting to happen . invitation to participate . GROUP EXHIBITION . Some to name a few: jane bowler, lucy rainbow, barley massey, house of flora . the FABRIC OF THE CITY . the rich silk weaving history of the Huguenots . 17th century . continuation-of-alisons-collective, hoarder . visits to textile archives: v&A & the museum of London . clothworkers . inspire . macro lens photo . detail . silk samples . spitalfield silk garments . moving sideways through doors . bustling noise & sound of the silk metropolis . silk ruffle . reverse silk is bleeding . maybe a sharpie bleed . an unfinished deconstructed smudge . mark made . spangly spangles . paintbrush picnic. geometric almost pixelated . French protestants . refugees . fleeing to different countries & cultures . precious skills and belongings travelled too . experiment with something slightly different to the usual . channelling  techniques & materials . we are abm: mutual love of experimenting . large surface areas . tacked together in layers . technique by technique . image: numerous objects & belongings . its  Glaswegian digitally printed to silk . ripped into strips & . needlepunched into large zig zags . chevron . to elgin  cashmere . a melted toastie of tartan & woolflags . multiple running stitch lines . to join . a cheeky pompom . cotton lace corn doilies . sew on badges . tufted . wool from whitechapel  market, e1 . wrapped up . all work made in the east end of London . thank you to the interns from UAl:Chelsea & RSN . catdigital.co.uk . hand constructed blankets . abm . we are: maryannchatterton.com, beatricemayfield.co.uk, alisonwilloughby.com  . central house, whitechapel, 10-31 july 2015 .

the response
Textile designers Mary Ann Chatterton, Beatrice Mayfield & Alison Willoughby launch ABM, a collaborative label with a new collection of three blankets in response to the exhibition Fabric of the City. An exhibition inspired by the rich silk weaving history of the Huguenots and the fabrics of 17th Century silk weaving. Inspiration for the work comes from the reverse of silk samples seen in the v&a & museum of London archives. The silk floats on the reverse, a bleed, an unfinished deconstructed smudge. And the French protestants, refugees, fleeing to different countries & cultures, precious skills and belongings travelled with them. The blankets are layers of wool, cashmere and silk, worked on technique by technique, multiple running stitch into chevrons, zig zag needlepunching, pom pom making and digital print.
Alison is Skirtgirl. Based in London, forever using the skirt, her canvas, vista, media since 2001, is a tube or cone shaped garment whatever discipline that may lie in. Function non-function, without the constraint of commercialism. Collaborating, selling and exhibiting. Clients have included Selfridges, The Fashion and Textiles Museum, The British Council and Liberty.
Beatrice specialises in hand constructed, embellished and embroidered textiles. Using a range of traditional embroidery techniques, stitches and processes pieces incorporate a high level of craftsmanship with contemporary design.
Mary Ann Chatterton is a textile designer, dyer and silkscreen printer. She uses heat press and embellishment techniques mainly working with natural fabrics. Colour and texture are the main thrust of her work often inspired by her collection of very old cloth with all its perfections. These pieces may be incorporated into her work. She teaches from her East London studio.
maryannchatterton.com www.alisonwilloughby.com