Last Minute Christmas Presents: New Scarves from AB

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Last Minute Christmas Presents: New Scarves from Textile Designers Alison Willoughby and Beatrice Mayfield - AB

Last posting date in time for Christmas Saturday 20th December
Scarves for sale are being updated daily on http://www.alisonwilloughby.com/#!beatrice-mayfield/c180h
If you would like to purchase a scarf please email alison@alisonwilloughby.com with the scarf number

AB is the first project under the umbrella of Alison’s collective, Hoarder. Her studio practice has been exploring not placing work within a singular discipline, but how creativity can be channeled through a range of techniques, materials and art forms. So more to come…..watch this space....

Beatrice and Alison have a mutual love of experimenting with hand constructed, embellished and embroidered surfaces. The collection uses hand embroidery and pom-poms to create double-sided canvases. All scarves are found, mainly on eBay, so the decision on choosing which are bought is made quickly and there is a degree of randomness to the colours, lengths and patterns available.

All work is made in London; scarves are 100% wool and are available from alison@alisonwilloughby.com at £135 each

Alison is Skirtgirl. Based in London, forever using the skirt, (her canvas, vista, media since 2001) is a tube or cone shaped garment whatever discipline that may lie in. Function non-function, without the constraint of commercialism. Collaborating, selling and exhibiting.  Clients have included The Fashion and Textiles Museum - Made in Mexico, The Rebozo in Art, Culture & Fashion, The British Council, Urban Outfitters, and Selfridges.

Beatrice specialises in hand constructed, embellished and embroidered textiles. Using a range of traditional embroidery techniques, stitches and processes pieces incorporate a high level of craftsmanship with contemporary design.


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