One intern from a few hours a week to one day a week

I am looking for an intern, from a few hours a week to one day a week (usually a friday, but this can change or be changed) for as long as it takes.

Ideally the intern would know a lot about social media and how it can be used to build a large presence on the internet. Social media is an integral part of today's digital textile marketing strategies. From twitter, facebook, pinterest, linked in, to the numerous amount of art and design blogs. The applicant would know about different types of social media, basic principles behind using social media, building and maintaining relationships using online communities and monitoring a social media presence.

I am not necessarily looking for a student that is doing a specific course in social media and marketing. Am quite open to just a person with a lot or some knowledge about social media.

However I am still learning about it too, so would be ok with a few mistakes. You would be working in close contact with me at the studio, so personality, hard work, organisation and enthusiasm would go down a treat.

Intern would require an interview at my studio in Whitechapel.

If you are interested please email: alison@alisonwilloughby.com with your cv and answer the question: What is your favourite ice cream?