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Alison Willoughby June 2011

Three Way Collaboration from Margo Selby, Alison Willoughby and People Will Always Need Plates

What happens when three innovators across many disciplines- including weaving, art, graphic design, ceramics- come together?  
The answer is a unique, limited edition skirt born from a three-way collaboration between British designers, Margo Selby, Alison Willoughby and People Will Always Need Plates, of course!
Always passionate about collaboration, Margo Selby invited artist Alison Willoughby to create a collection of skirts from her woven fabrics.  Alison was immediately drawn to Trellick, a successful collaboration bringing together Margo’s innovative and structural approach to weaving with People Will...'s architectural inspiration.  Alison Willoughby lends her expertise at working with a diverse range of fabrics to produce one her trademark ‘kite skirts’ from Trellick, ultimately creating a structural, but wearable piece of art.
All three designers are based in the London area and have both studied and worked alongside each other for many years.  This current collaboration is an expression of each designer’s ability to lend their innovative talent to an ever- growing range of inspirational projects.
The Trellick Skirt will be part of The Inexhaustible Objet vs. International Lonely Girl, an installation curated by Alison Willoughby in the Margo Selby showroom in Bloomsbury.  The installation will be on display and skirts will be available for sale from June 16th- August 26th 2011 through the showroom.
A drinks reception will be held on June 16th.